Untitled By theamazingsimon on 11th May 2017 12:51:52 PM
  1. Hi Debbie
  3. Sorry to message you on here – I’ve been in touch with a couple of publicists RE: an interview with Liam to provide coverage for As You Were, but everyone I’ve managed to speak to has said they don’t represent him anymore. Maybe you’d know who would be best to contact?
  5. I am a freelance journalist who writes for Entertainment Focus. We provided extensive publicity for last year’s Supersonic film, with our quote appearing on the poster/DVD cover. I interviewed Liam briefly at the Manchester premiere for this video: and article: Observing all of the interviews that night, I think he was more responsive/appreciative of my questions than all of the other journalists', and I would love to have the chance of a longer interview with him.
  7. I have a huge appreciation for Liam’s music. Particularly, as I tell him in the video, his songwriting, which I consider to be highly underrated. I am really excited for his solo debut and am hoping/expecting him to prove the naysayers wrong. Ideally, it would be good to hear the album (or some of it) in advance if an interview was possible – I don’t want to ask about Oasis reforming / Twitter arguments etc; I want to write a full piece about the tracks and Liam The Songwriter.
  9. I hope you think this piece would be worth Liam’s time. I want it to really highlight his musicality, which even the music press often overlook in favour of more gossipy stories. If he has no interview time spare I’d still be up for doing an album preview, but obviously it would be great to speak with him and would make for a more in-depth piece.
  11. Thanks a lot for your time and all the very best
  13. Simon James is for source code and general debugging text.

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